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One of the most frustrating things to happen in your day (or in your life) is a dysfunctional sleep cycle. Other than ruining your day (again, or life), it disrupts your working efficiency. And it doesn’t stop there. A bad sleep cycle is one of the main reasons why people tend to develop a migraine tendency. It is extremely important to sleep enough and more importantly, sleep right and to do it everyday.

Here’s a few things that you should take into consideration:

1. Maintain monotony before bed:

Just like our minds, we need to tell our body that it’s time to sleep. Our body can learn to take that signal if we do the same activities everyday before sleeping. It acts as a cue and our body begins to get sleepy. Thus it is very important for us to train our bodies accordingly and make it a point to follow a similar, if not same, routine every night. So read a book, watch that next episode or scroll aimlessly through your feed. Whatever it is, just do it everyday.
(A hot water bath will work like magic, just by the way)

2. Keep the nights dark and make the mornings bright:

This one seems like the basic thing to do but it is as effective as it is obvious. Since we’re born, our body is programmed to respond to brightness and darkness due to the natural lighting of the day and the night. Which is basically why we tend to cringe when someone switches on the lights when we’re sleeping or trying to sleep. The key here is to aid your body’s natural instincts and adjust the light accordingly.

3. Working Out

Working out builds our muscle and cuts down our fat, which in turn, improves our sleep. People who exercise for upto 20 minutes a day have a better sleep at night. The time of the day at when you exercise can also make a difference. For example workouts like runs and/or step classes can have a reverse effect and disrupt your sleep instead. A better choice would be to try stretching before bed.

4. Short Naps

Taking a nap during the day can give you an energy boost but only if it is done correctly. If you sleep for too long your body will confuse your nap time with your sleep time. Which will make it harder to sleep at night and will decrease the quality of your sleep. According to specialists, the perfect nap time is 20 minutes. It is enough to provide a little restoration without making you muzzy.

5. Check Your Caffeine intake

The coffee that wakes you up in the morning can also do that at night. If possible, avoid the colas and coffee completely. If not, try to avoid anything with caffeine for at least 6 hours before your bedtime to experience a sound sleep.

So that was about it. We hope you have a good night and an even better morning tomorrow. Try to follow these steps and welcome a healthier lifestyle. If it still feels like a lot of work, get our Boltt app to do the work for you and track your sleep cycles. You can then keep a better record and act accordingly.

PS- Never underestimate the power of some good music before you sleep and/or right after you wake up!

PPS- Song suggestion to brighten your morning: Here comes the sun by The Beatles. 🙂





You can not lead a healthy life, if you don’t have a healthy body. And you can not have a healthy body, if you don’t have a healthy mind. Mental illness is a serious issue that is often not addressed as much as it should be. We talk about eating right and exercising right but not enough about being in the right headspace. Mental health is as important as physical health, if not more.

Today, let us engage our tired minds and learn a little about Why you should always take care of your mental health.

1. Do not ignore a bad state of mind by taking it lightly and calling it a ‘bad mood’ or a ‘fleeting feeling’. Indulge yourself into activities that make you happy. Be it reading, writing, sketching, singing, exercising, going for a walk, cooking or even just binge watching your favourite show. Know that it is ok to feel bad every now and then, healthy even. But make sure to pay heed to it and if the feeling stays, get help.

  1. Learn to differentiate between feeling sad and feeling dejected. It is only normal to emotionally react to situations and circumstances in our lives. Although it is not normal to not react to them and seclude your emotions thereby feeling nothing and/or feeling hopeless. It is very easy to mistake the emptiness with sadness. Hence it is strongly recommended that you reach out for a professional, when faced
    with such confusions.
  2. Let it out. Do not try to supress your thoughts and feelings, hoping for them to go away. Address them, slowly, one at a time. Try to work through your problems. Look at things from a fresh perspective and come up with possible solutions. If you find none, learn to accept it. The sooner you accept, the sooner you heal.4. Don’t take medications on your own. Once you have realised and accepted the fact that your mental health is not upto the mark, do not give yourself the authority to decide what’s best for you. It is YOU who has to help you, sure. But ask for a professional psychiatrist/doctor to guide you.

    All in all, do NOT shy away from seeking help. Let your loved ones know. Remember that it’s never too late to start. So start being the best version of yourself. And Start Now.

Boltt Shoes: An Ultimate blend of fashion and technology

Are you looking forward to buy fitness accessory yet want to club it with technology? Well, this is no more a dream as wearable technology will serve your purpose. There are several shoes available in the market, but imagine your shoes tracking, analyzing and improving your performance! This is indeed possible with the Boltt shoes which have now become an essential accessory for personal coaching. With the help of embedded technology, these smart shoes are designed in a way to suit the fitness needs of sports enthusiasts. These connected shoes not only act as a sports accessory, but also, improve the workout efficiency of a person.

Smart Shoes.jpg
The factors which are considered by Boltt shoes are speed, pace, distance and running economy. When these  factors are bind together, the wearable technology comes into the action. These fitness shoes are breathable and offer exceptional energy to the user through their motion capture system. Boltt shoes are designed with a perfect heel height to guide natural running. Let’s take a look at the other reasons to buy  these smart shoes for utmost fitness coaching:

Jet, Set…Go with fitness shoes

Are you wondering about the speed while fitness coaching? It’s time to switch to smart shoes which come with a uniquely cushioned interior. These shoes come with a minimalistic design and perfect curvature. All you need to do is grab a pair of  your fitness shoes and track and improve your performance. The embedded technology of these shoes enable you to analyze bio-mechanical data while running. These shoes connect to all your movements intuitively.

Furthermore, after the assessment of stride and gait, these sensors of the connected shoes offer a  correct feedback. Experience the personal fitness coaching with these Boltt shoes and jet, set… go as you run. With Boltt, you can run better and utilize its embedded sensors to analyze the stride as well as gait. This will give you a feedback about your running performance.

Fashion and technology blend together

Boltt shoes are not just meant to accessorize you, but, they even let you utilize the technology within them. These smart shoes have sensors within them which track your movements. You can focus on your running and improve it with the help of the feedback which is offered by these shoes. Set a style statement with these shoes and make the most out of this technological cum fashionable wonder accessory. You can now stay at comfort with the cushioned interior of the shoes and choose the ones which suit your foot requirements. Balanced impact  absorption can be experienced with these fitness shoes along with the ground control.


In short, these smart shoes represent a revolutionary concept, wherein, style and technology get merged together. Tapping on your pace, intensity and direction is now possible with Boltt shoes due to their smart technology. Tracking running performance simply gets better with these shoes and the bio-mechanical data. If you are planning to buy connected shoes, go for Boltt!


How To Stay Fit While Travelling

If you have a trip coming up and you are getting paranoid about your health. Breathe in.
We are here to help you. Breathe out.

Here’s a few ideas about how you can enjoy yourself and stay healthy and fit at the same time.

1.A Big Healthy Breakfast


This one is a given. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you can not afford to miss out on it, specially when you’re travelling. A full and healthy first meal of the day keeps your metabolism in check and fuels you up with energy for the rest of the day.

2. Drink Tons Of Water To Stay Fit While Traveling

This is something you should practice not just while travelling. Yes. Drink lots and lots of water guys. It keeps you full and hydrated which is very important when you are not in your natural surroundings and your body reacts to everything in a different way. Make sure you drink clean, drinkable water. Most places offer sealed water bottles, if not, try keeping a water bottle with you and keep getting it refilled.

3. Walk Instead Of Riding

If you’re not getting late and you can walk, why must you not? We seem to depend too much on our rides when we clearly don’t need to. So the next time you’re travelling and you need to get from point A to point B, walk. Walk to it, explore your surroundings, take it all in, smell the earth, help a stranger, experience endless possibilities, live a little.

4. Have At Least One Yogurt Per Day

Cut to the chase, yogurt regulates your digestive system and keeps you from having diarrhea and/or bloating. A yogurt a day is affordable, cheap and will prove miraculous for your tummy. An equally good, more easily available substitute of ‘yogurt’ is dahi. It serves the same purpose and tastes the same, if not better.

5. A Granola Or Protein Bar Between Meals
This is the best way to cater to random munchies and stay healthy at the same time. Treat yourself with granola or protein bars in between meals. Always try to stay stacked with them and carry them wherever you go. If not, they are easily available in convenience stores at most places. This is your go to snack, every time. It keeps you full and keeps your metabolism in check.


So, that’s about it. A few things you need to keep in mind if you want to stay fit during your travels. Also, don’t get too caught up into managing your diet (leave that to our app) and don’t forget to have fun! And remember to stack up your phone/ipod/whatever with all your favourite music and give yourself a much deserved break. Good luck. Get going. Adios!

Top 5 Fittest Actors of Bollywood

When it comes to Indian Cinema, it’s not just cinema, it is a way of life. And when it comes to bollywood actors, they’re not just actors, they are much (MUCH) more than that. We look up to our favourite stars and try to follow them in different aspects of our lives. One of which is, fitness. Here are some of the most fit actors of bollywood. Let’s get an insight into how these stars manage to look the way they look.

Shah Rukh Khan
(Mental drools)

shahrukh khan

It is no news that Shahrukh Khan is a treat to eyes (duh ♥) but what we don’t always realise is the amount of hard work that goes behind it. SRK follows a very strict diet plan. He avoids all kinds of breads and rice, as well as high-fat food made with butter. Shahrukh avoided all simple carbohydrate foods like refined grains and anything that have added sugar. Shahrukh’s workout usually consists of weight training along with working on his abs, 4 times a week. He also does about 30-60 minutes of cardio every day and has a protein drink after workout. He follows a high-protein, low-fat diet and eats high fiber complex carbs.

John Abrahm
“I am pretty much an agnostic so my only religion is my body.”
(But may my god bless you, John)


John Abraham’s disciplined fitness regime includes a functional workout and a strict diet. The hot and sexier body has made the star a darling one to the youngsters.The actor and model is a fitness icon. His diet is adequate with protein, carbohydrates and fibres.Gymming is one of the vital components of John Abraham’s lifestyle. He also likes to divide his workout for different days.

Katrina Kaif
(“Too sexy for you”, and me, and everyone else)


Katrina works out every day and not just for a particular role or song. Every workout plan of hers involves exercises that boost stamina and increase strength and flexibility. She is a very strong person and she doesn’t shy away from any kind of challenge. She successfully completes any workout that is planned for it. She didn’t get her amazing abs magically. She maintains very high fitness levels throughout the year and when a role demands a body like that because of her existing fitness level she plans a workout to achieve the desired results.

Farhan Akhtar
(Not sure if looking at a human or a poem ¿)

farhan Akhtar

Farhan had to play the role of Milkha Singh who was an ace athlete. An athlete’s physique is very different from a normal bodybuilder. To play the role of a sprinter, Farhan needed a physique that was lean and yet had ripped muscles. The muscles needed to be prominent without adding bulk to the body. The director had invited two fitness trainers on board to achieve this feat: One was entrusted with the job prepare Farhan’s body and the other was to train Farhan on the running styles and postures.His health tips include maintaining a healthy diet, staying dedicated, and exercising regularly. He incorporates 75 minutes of weight training and cardio when working out and sticks to a low carb diet before his workout. He prefers the more tough and rugged physical activities and changes up his meal plan weekly according to his body needs.

Priyanka Chopra
(Queen P)
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s gorgeous and sexy look, stunning figure are a result of her rigorous fitness regime and a strict diet plan. She has been very conscious and is a fitness freak regarding her health from the beginning of her career. She has great metabolism and hardly puts on weight. The sizzling icon maintains her toned and slim body by following an extremely disciplined workout routine.

So this is how your favourite stars look as flawless and gorgeous they look on screen and in real lives. Hopefully, the realisation that nothing is impossible if you set your mind and heart  to it,will fill you up with inspiring thoughts and motivate you to work towards your goals. Don’t keep yourself waiting, go get that star like body you’ve always wanted!


Run like a Pro: Tips for Running in the Rain

“I know you will be alright, If you try to love the little things in life,
Like running in the rain”

What’s better than running? You guessed it. Running in the rain. Many a times, rain is off putting for people and they skip their runs because of it. Well, if there is a will, there’s a way. And there’s definitely a way around a rainy day. So let’s get to it.
The Rain-Run check-list

Shoe Check.
If your shoes are smooth on the bottom, chances are, you are going to slip. So make sure your shoes have grooves on their soles. This helps the shoes to get a better grip on the road as it allows water to run through them. Also remember to wear thick socks and ensure maximum water absorption.

Wear Smart Layers.
It is very important to layer up your outfit the right way on a rainy day. For example, if you are going to wear shorts, you should pop some compression shorts on underneath in order to prevent chafing due to the wetness. It is advised to wear a windshield jacket(preferably made of a waterproof material). Even though it will not keep you completely dry, it will keep your core temperature up, hold in the body heat, and therefore decrease the risk of hypothermia (ie. low body temperature).

Keep your electronics safe.
First of all, look for wearables with inside pockets to keep your electronics safe. Secondly, invest in a waterproof case for your phone/ipod etc to ensure further safety. Thirdly, if you don’t have the time, money or the will to buy that, just get yourself a plastic bag with a seal. Put your electronic/electronics into the plastic bag, seal it completely and you’re good to go.

Have Fun.
Seriously, when was the last time you got wet in the rain? If you are still thinking, it’s been too long. Running in the rain is possibly the most fun adults can have without having to pay for it. The running will obviously keep your body fit  and the rain will also relax your mind. So it caters both, the body and the mind.

Now, If you’re still afraid of going out and running in the rain, do not worry. Here is your last shot. Drink a hot beverage and listen to some inspiring music to motivate you to adapt to the rains. Namely, Rain by The Beatles. We leave you now, with this song, to discover your willpower and explore new possibilities that come your way, when you go running in the rains.


16 Fat Burning Food For Faster Weight Loss

Are you really worried about your weight? Are you really a big foodie?

Don’t want to cut down your food consumption just to lose your weight? Then, my friend, you are on right sight!

Yes, you must be surprised about what I’m talking. But honestly, it’s true! You can eat and cut your fat at the same time. All you need is a spoonful of dedication and a pinch of hard-work, that’s it. Below are some healthy fat- burning foods that will simply burn your calories, help you to slim your waistline and look even smarter:

  • Eggs– It helps you to build your muscles and burn your fat as they are a great source of protein.
  • Green Tea– Yeah, you must have seen many ads on television. But, let me tell you, it honestly works! It fires up the fat burning process.
  • Beans & Legumes– They are a great source of resistant starch and helps us in regulating digestion, which ultimately helps in fat reduction.
  • Almonds & other nuts– They actually help in reducing up your cravings and builds up your muscles.
  • Whole Grains– They make an effective food for every day which maintains your body’s metabolism and prevents the body from storing fat.
  • Enova Oil- This oil promotes fullness and is not easily stored as fat in the body.
  • Fat-free Dairy Products– Dairy products really build strong bones and help with weight loss.
  • Lean Meats & Fishes- They strengthen our immune system and builds up our stamina.
  • Dark Chocolates– Yes, you read it right! It’s scientifically proved that chocolates help in losing weight. It also turns off the genes which are linked to inflammation.
  • Berries– They are packed with antioxidants which prevent the body from forming fat and boost up your workouts.
  • Grapefruit– Adding grapefruit to your salad can really spark your body’s fat burning ability.
  • Quinoa- This ancient grain is a complete protein which contains amino acids that are great for muscle building and fat loss.
  • Lemon Water– Yes, this can actually workout and taste better. It’s a cheap trick that flushes toxins from the body and flush fat from our system.
  • Greek Yogurt– This creamy snack is a muscle building protein which turns off cortisol, a stress hormone that causes the body to hang on to belly fat.
  • Black Rice– It is also known as forbidden rice as it was only accessed by emperors in ancient times. But it is a great anti-oxidant that helps in fat reduction.
  • Peanut Butter– It is a great source of plant based protein. It triggers the hormones, reducing the fat.

These were few handful choices of foods which everyone who wishes to lose their weight can have. These fat bursting food can even help you to boost your energy levels and feel better about yourself all around!

So, why compromise your diet for weight loss. Be a foodie and reverse the fat process!